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How to Achieve Financial Sustainability

In Sarajevo, from 15th to 18th June, a training for members of the Academy of Sustainability was held, at which participants gained new knowledge on the way of creating  a qualitative plan for organizational sustainability, primarily focusing on fundraising campaigns. 

Finding funds from different sources is necessary in order to ensure a steady flow of funds for project activities and for the operating costs, but at the same time it demands effort. This is primarily related to human resources and time that organizations need to invest to attract donors. It is necessary to revise the organizational structure and internal policies, to define relationships between departments, to hire new people or to develop additional skills in members and staff, to develop communication plans and tell the stories that will attract and inspire donors, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to make a fundraising strategy.

On the fourth module of the Academy of Sustainability, representatives of the organizations shared experiences of previous campaigns, fundraising, gained insight into the steps that need to be done  in order to make a plan that will secure organizational strategy - fundraising strategy. On the training participants have improved the skills needed for strategic thinking in the process of fundraising and drafted a fundraising strategy for their organization.