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Standards for Fundraising


SIGN partners have collaborated to develop a document that outlined Standards of Fundraising, in order to clarify standards of accountability and transparency for civil society organizations involved in local fundraising. These standards are important because they provide a model of practices that help everyone understand how CSOs work, which in turn generates trust among all parties and can eventually result in a larger amount of local support and impact.


SIGN partners collected examples of fundraising standards from 11 EU countries, and went about incorporating these into the first draft with the input of CSOs and other stakeholders to create the Minimum Standards of Fundraising for SIGN countries. Initial online consultations about the draft received a total of 97 responses, with the majority assessing the draft as excellent and comprehensive. 

After additional suggestions were collected and discussed by partners, a second draft was put forward for consultations held in the autumn of 2013. More than 250 CSOs participated in these consultations. In general, participants supported the idea of further development and adoption of these Standards. Many emphasized that this is a prerequisite for CSOs to become more transparent and accountable, thus becoming more legitimate and influential in their community. After reviewing comments, partners created second draft that was pilot tested by the participants of the Sustainability Academy and put for the last round of consultations in all partner countries.

The final version of the Standards for Fundraising can be found and signed here. 

Please note that the consultation process for Standards of Fundraising has been finalized.