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SIGN Network was established in 2009, as a regional network of indigenous grantmakers for development of sustainable  local communities and civil society.

Who we are: 1) HORUS (Macedonia) since April 2015; 2) Forum for Civic Initiatives – FIQ  (Kosovo)3) Mozaik Foundation (BiH)4) National Foundation for Civil Society Development (Croatia); 5) Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT (Montenegro)and 6) Trag Foundation (Serbia).

Centre for institutional development – CIRa from Macedonia, has been officially removed from SIGN Network membership from April 2015. Partners identified that SIGN Network and CIRa no longer share the same values and that CIRa no longer operates in an accountable and transparent manner which is one of the pillars of our network’s work.

Goal: To promote and support development of local philanthropy, local communities, cross-sector partnership and long-term sustainability of civil society in countries in Southeast Europe on national, regional and EU levels. 

Expected results of our activities:

  • Improved sustainable models of supporting sustainability of local communities and civil society through collecting, exchanging, promoting and encouraging models of good practice in the fields of expertise: community development, local philanthropy, cross-sector partnerships, as well as through research and introduction of new ones.
  • The use of available resources locally, regionally and internationally improved through promotion of philanthropy and resource mobilization;
  • The Regional Network positioned at the national, regional and EU levels as a very relevant source for policy recommendations related to the fields of expertise: philanthropy, local community development, sustainable civil society and cross-sector partnership.

What makes us unique?

  • Cutting edge experience in developmental grant-making; 
  • Renowned experts in the field of philanthropy, local community development, cross-sector partnership and sustainable civil society; 
  • Strategic partnership with other sectors in society at national level;  
  • Strong understanding of local conditions through partnership with grass-root organizations; think tanks and local other associations
  • Strategic partnerships and advocacy with international stakeholders that contribute to Network’s understanding of regional, EU and global trends; 
  • The Network is open, volunteer-based and funded by diverse sources (network members, donors and national governments).



The SIGN network is a non-formal group that is governed by the steering group. The Steering group makes all strategic decisions, admits new members, decides upon cessation of membership, establishment of ad-hoc structures, funding, and statutory changes. Decisions on status, vision, mission, and goals have to be made by consensus. For all other decisions, if consensus is not possible, decisions are made by 2/3 majority. 

Network members elect the chairing organization by consensus. Mandate of the chair is two (2) years. Each of the members takes responsibility for some of the secretarial support.

The Steering group meets a minimum twice a year face to face and virtually when needed. The chair is responsible for calling and leading the meetings. The chair can appoint another steering group member to lead a meeting.

Membership is open to all grantmakers and is revised twice a year in April and October.

Membership criteria are:

  • Its core business is providing financial and other support to civic initiatives.
  • Focuses its action on community development.
  • Actively works on philanthropy development.
  • Shares and disseminates knowledge, information, methodologies and principles in community development and philanthropy.
  • Has clearly defined organizational structure (governance and management) .
  • Has positive annual institutional audit in three out of four years.
  • Is highly transparent in reporting, grant giving, employing, and procurement.
  • Avoid conflict of interest.
  • Has developed functional systems, policies and procedures in the above mentioned areas.
  • Does not have political affiliation. 

SIGN network has an open membership to all foundations in the Western Balkans. Interested foundations can apply through the SIGN web site and once a year, in October, SIGN Steering Group will review applications and approve new members. If you are interested in becoming a member, please submit a letter of interest with links to supporting documents.

If a Foundation wants to leave the network, a letter should be submitted to SC members.



Steering group

  • Vesna Bajsanski-Agic, Mozaik Foundation, B&H – chair
  • Anica-Maja Boljevic, fAct, Montenegro  – member
  • Cvjetana Plavsa-Matic, National Foundation for CS Development, Croatia– member
  • Dajana Berisha, FIQ, Kosovo - member
  • Biljana Dakic Djordjevic, Trag Foundation, Serbia – member
  • Branko Dokuzovski, HORUS, Macedonia – member 

Coordinators for SIGN Network

  • Anto Jankovic, fAct, Montenegro
  • Brankica Spasovska, HORUS, Macedonia
  • Kushtrim Puka, FIQ, Kosovo
  • Lejla Kusturica, Mozaik Foundation, B&H
  • Marija Boltek, National Foundation for CS development, Croatia
  • Marija Mitrovic, Trag Foundation, Serbia